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Cheap Postage to Scotland

For most Scotland post codes, prices don’t go higher than any other UK locations. Domestic services are offered to try and help our customers find a delivery company which has the right price and delivery timeframe based on what the customers need.

You can book a drop off service to send a parcel to Scotland under one of our courier partners. You just need to place an order using our website, print and attach the label and you’re good to go.

Send a Large parcel to Scotland

If you plan on sending large parcels like something that was bought on eBay or spare car parts for example, we can offer you such services that can carry your goods without any hassle. We have discounted rates from some of our courier partners if you are sending your parcels 15kg or heavier, across Scotland.

Some other items you can send using the couriers mentioned above are golf clubs which are sold online or fishing rods which often are sent all the way North.

Do you add any other fees for sending parcels to Scottish Highlands?

There are some couriers who add fees when you send parcels to some remote areas but you will see all of these additional charges when you get a quote online so you will have a chance to review the charges first before placing an order. Some services may not be available in Scottish Highlands and Islands but you can always check and compare using the quote engine by entering the full details of your shipment.

How can we send a parcel from Scotland?

If you wish to send a parcel from Scotland, we can offer you options just like sending a parcel in the UK or anywhere in the world. There might be some restrictions in doing so, but nothing to worry about since they will all be noted in the booking process. If you have a busy day and you have no time to wait all day for a collection, we can offer you a drop off service. For customers who do not own a printer, we also offer services which do not need one so it’s very convenient.

When are the Scottish Bank Holidays?

Bank holidays in UK at Scotland may somehow differ and this may cause some delays in sending parcels to both locations. We recommend customers to check on these holidays before sending a parcel to avoid any problems.


Parcel Delivery to Scotland, United Kingdom

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