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Parcel delivery companies in Leicester

A quite few Post Offices can be found within Leicester such as branches in;

  • Highcroft
  • London Road
  • St Mathews
  • Wood hill
  • Parkvale
  • Evington Road
  • Clarendon Park
  • Imperial Avenue
  • West codes

These locations are perfect for customers who seek to make cuts on their expenses by booking Parcelforce online. On the other hand, if the items are excessively heavy, another option is to drop the parcel off to one of the Parcel Depot located towards Junction 21a of the M1 which is just south of the Western Park Golf Course.Other parcels to be delivered within the UK can also be dropped here.

One more option is DPD. Customers are can leave their parcels at a range of independent and large retailers and some of these are within King’s News at 11 Kings Street which is 0.2 miles from the city center and Halford’s store which can be found along Putney Road. One of the good things about DPD service is they prolonged their opening hours during the week which is a huge convenience for customers especially for those who are at work during business hours.

Besides from that, there were many branches that are open on Saturday which is also a good opportunity for those who book on the last minute and can still be able to drop the parcel on the same day at their own ease. How to book To book and arrange collection, you can use the quote box on this page by simply specifying the requirements needed.

Once done, the system will provide you the list of the couriers available who can provide you the service. Solely choose the best service and collection or drop off date suitable for you and as soon as the booking is confirmed, you will be receiving a shipping label and customs form (for international shipment) which should be attached to your parcel before collection or drop off.

There were other services as well wherein the drivers will bring the shipping label for you; in this way, you no longer have to worry where to print the label. This is only available for domestic shipments. Parcel delivery to Leicester If you wish to send the parcel the other way around, from other parts of UK to Leicester, the booking process is the same but the prices will be slightly different if you’re from the Channel Islands or some of the Scottish Islands. Nevertheless, all the costs and other information will be fully shown.


Parcel Delivery to Leicester, United Kingdom

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