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How to Deliver Appliances via Courier

How to Deliver Appliances via Courier

If you’ve never tried sending appliances before, it can be intimidating to learn how to pack them properly. Please note that deliveries of white goods are more than just placing your appliance in a box. You have to make sure it’s sealed properly to avoid damage or loss during delivery.

Whether you want to deliver appliances, for example, pressure cooker, microwave, fridge, or washing machine, get the packaging of your white goods right as you could end up with a returned parcel otherwise. Read our quick and simple guide on how to ensure that you pack your appliances properly and be ready for transit.

You can always check the installation and instructional manual for details of the appliances you are attempting to get delivered. If you do not have it, you can read our simple guidelines to get your white goods ready for collection and delivery date.

White Goods That Courier Delivers Anywhere in the UK

Brief packing guidelines for white goods to be delivered:

  • Please make sure all fluids have been drained from your appliances and everything is bone dry at all times.
  • Ensure that the white goods to be delivered are free from food and dirt, inside and out, spotless.
  • Collect and contain loose parts separately and place the items securely along with the power cord to the unit.
  • A strong and sturdy box and heavy-duty bubble wrap for your appliances are necessary to use when packing to ensure safety during delivery.

For each specific type of appliance, there are some more packaging tips below to help our customers.

Fridges & Freezers

Refrigerators and freezers are the most commonly bought appliances online. Below are the guidelines on how to deliver fridges:

Guarantee that the freezer is well defrosted before it gets collected and let it dry out totally. Be mindful that defrosting can take up to two days that is why you need to keep the doors open to speed up the process.

Make sure as well that all the water is drained and that the supply is unplugged if there´s an ice maker.

Wipe and unsoil the inside and out of it thoroughly because who wants to see bits of food or dirt in there? Cleaning the items properly is to prevent foul smell that may produce due to dirt or left-over food as we all know that the delivery time might take long.

Remove and collect all the shelves and other removable parts and wrap them up individually. Then arrange and tape them back inside, to avoid any movement of the items inside.

Also, tape the power cord at the back of the appliance; there might be somewhere to attach it to, as well.

Adjustable feet on the bottom of the machine can be found as well. Remove them and place them in the barrel securely if you can. But if you can´t, wind them into the base as far as possible.

For safety purposes during delivery, wrap the appliance in a thick blanket, if you have it available. Otherwise, use heavy-duty bubble wrap. Be cautious as well to the bottom corners of the unit, which are usually sharp.

If you no longer have the original box, the recommended place to find one large enough is at any local electrical goods wholesaler or retailer. You might get it for free. If not, you can search and buy boxes online. A soft and thick blanket or heavy-duty bubble wrap is also needed to protect the item during delivery.


First and foremost, for appliances like dishwashers, examine how to disengage them from the water system. Seems easy but we can never be sure of that! Find out correctly what to do, just to make sure. Moreover, disengage the waste outlet pipe.

It’s much better if you avoid using the dishwasher before packing for a couple of days, to make sure it is totally dried out as soon as you´ve disengaged the pipes. You heard it right! It’s time to do it on your own this time.

Be sure that the inside of the dishwasher is tidy by running it on a cycle while empty.

Search the waste filter which is normally found on the floor of the washer, in the centre, get rid of it and give it a good wipe. It might be smelly at first but leave it to dry out.

Take out any remaining soap or wash it away if any.

Be assured as well that the draws are tightened with tape same with the power cord on the back of the unit.

Cover the dishwasher using a soft blanket or copious amounts of bubble wrap, same with other appliances, and put it in a sturdy box sourced from your local electrical or other appliances goods store or the internet.

Washing Machines

Same with dishwasher, be assured that you are well aware of how to disengage the machine from the water supply without swamping your kitchen.

As soon as you´ve done the above and the system is completely drained, leave everything to dry out before packing it.

After all those, it is also now a good time to take away that laundry detergent excess from the draw.

Remove the adjustable feet or wind them as far into the base as possible, if there’s any.

Same with the previous appliances; place the item in a suitably large and durable box and use heavy-duty bubble wrap, paying attention to the sharp edges and corners at the bottom.

Please note that washing machines are truly large and heavyweight and customers may certainly need the help of the courier service in loading and unloading your white goods.


Be cautioned because we can’t offer any protection cover for ovens with glass components, for example, glass-fronted ovens. It will be carried and delivered at your discretion at your own risk.

More than the appliances with a water supply, you need to perform with extreme carefulness when separating a gas stove. It is much advisable to pass the work to a professional.

After that, this is now the time to clean your oven and leave it spotless.

Reminders as well when packing up glass cooktops and stove ranges, be very cautious because it is fragile.

Arrange and secure up the draws with tape inside and pack any removable items individually and secure them inside very firmly.

By now, you should’ve known the drill for all appliances; a large, strong and durable box and lots of heavy-duty packing materials are really necessary.


Unsoil the microwave inside and out.

Take out the rotating glass plate and collect it up individually but make sure it is safely packed using heavy-duty packing tape.

Tighten with tape the plug cord to the back, and be assured the plug pins are covered so they don’t scrape the back.

Actually, you can search a box large enough for this anywhere, even though it must be durable and secure. A lot of packaging is needed to secure the microwave in place to avoid clattering during delivery.

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FAQs about White Goods Delivery in the UK

What are white goods?

White goods are large and heavy consumer durables or appliances, examples are air conditioners, refrigerators, stoves, etc., which used to be painted only in white enamel finish. Despite their availability in varied colours now, they are still called white goods and are normally large and heavy.

How long would the delivery window be?

This would depend on the type of delivery options you choose. We offer delivery options like same day delivery, next day delivery, and normal delivery, which could range of delivery date from 48 hours to seven days.

Will I be able to track my white goods?

Yes, you can absolutely track it. We will send you the complete tracking information upon completion of booking.

Do you follow COVID 19 protocols and guidelines?

Yes. As a requirement, we follow COVID 19 protocols in dealing and handling parcels.