Why trust Dropbox2Go to find an affordable kid’s toys courier in the UK?

Dropbox2Go helps you book a service without having to leave the comforts of your home. You can choose your preferred courier and what type of delivery you need for your parcel of toys.

Cheaper services

Dropbox2Go has partnered with some big brands to offer you discounted prices. From normal to cheaper rates, you can count on our services to find the one that fits your budget.

Hassle-free, online bookings

Experience hassle-free navigation of our tool for your parcel delivery. From choosing the right price from the dimensions and weight of your parcel, to the  same day or next day delivery option, you can have your parcel delivered with only a few clicks of a button.

Price comparisons

Use our comparison tool for you to easily browse through the available couriers and check out the prices for each. This would help you get an estimate of the possible costs of getting your toys delivered to their destinations.

Why trust Dropbox2Go to find an affordable kid’s toys courier in the UK Send Toys By Courier | Dropbox2Go

World’s best toys and games courier

Dropbox2Go has partnered with the world’s largest and most trusted courier companies to have your toys and games delivered. We have secured huge discounts off their normal selling rates that allow us to offer you some of the lowest toys delivery prices.

Frequently Asked Questions When Sending Toys and Games

Can I send toys or games with batteries?

There is no problem sending toys alone but things like batteries are a no go. Most of the time, sending items that contain batteries cause delays in delivery time or worse, parcels are being returned as they are often deemed not safe to fly, so we strongly advise to remove any battery from a toy or game you may be sending.

The same thing goes with liquids. Any container with liquids is prohibited because a liquid item could leak and damage the other parcel being sent by the courier, most likely your parcel.

For further questions about any toys or games you want to send, please contact us or our support team via Contact Us.

What are your tips in packaging for toys and games?

Make sure to follow our extensive guidelines when it comes to sending toys. The parcel will be refused by the courier and also put your goods at risk if the packages are not properly packaged.

Just a piece of a reminder as well that the packaging that the toys were purchased in is not enough. So we recommend that you put them in sturdy cardboard boxes and use extra packing such as polystyrene peanuts or scrunched up newspaper at least. Make no room or space, and you probably know the drill by now; make sure to precisely get the measurement before booking an order.

How to send a parcel?

Sending a parcel with us is very easy and hassle-free. Just simply indicate the weight of your parcel and where you want to send it to, and we will find you various courier services to select from.

Either you have sold something online or you are sending a gift – no matter the reason you can use our services to find the cheapest way to deliver a parcel. You can absolutely search for the prices, how swiftly it is going to arrive and book a reliable courier service that suits your needs in just a matter of time.

How do I use your compare courier pricing service?

By simply providing us with the parcel details, you will be able to see the options you can choose from on the quote results page.

There is a tab on top that will allow you to pick the exact type of parcel service you need. It will also let you view all the other courier companies available to you, including all the details from the shipping price and the transit times.

Can I arrange a parcel to be collected today?

Absolutely yes, we provide a couple of courier services for parcels to be collected today as long as orders placed in good time.

Once the booking is confirmed, please note and make sure that there is no error message on your account towards your order as this may cause the order not to go through. If in any case this scenario happened, you can reach us thru a Live Chat or leave us a support ticket and one of the team will get it fixed for you.

How do I track my parcel to delivery?

When you book a courier service with DropBox2Go, you receive the same quality service but pay less than direct booking. There is no compromise on quality as we provide our customers with real-time, full tracking information from booking to delivery.

What are the possible reasons my parcel would not be shipped?

There are many possible reasons as to why your parcel may not be shipped. The most common is improper packaging. You need to make sure it is packaged well, especially if you chose the drop-off or collection option. Another reason would be an invalid recipient address.

Can I request to have added protection for my parcel?

Yes, you may. You can even do it online while you are booking with Dropbox2Go. Although, this may mean an additional cost in your total delivery fee.

Can I Send toys overseas?

The rules are pretty simple when sending your toys via a courier within the UK; however, it is different when it comes to international parcel delivery. These are some of the countries where you might encounter issues sending to;

    • Spain and France don’t like parcels being sent to them when the toys contain copper sulphate.
    • Another is Australia and Canada, wherein sending rubbers that are shaped like food are restricted as well as to other countries. Because sending any toys that resemble anything to do with war.

On the other hand, if you’re sending out of the EU, be assured you specify exactly what you are sending and provide a detailed description of the toys on your customs documents. In this way, we can guarantee that the parcel will be cleared without any issues during Customs Inspection.

Habitually, our customers send charities some toys from the UK and what they need the most are couriers who offer discounted shipping services from the standard shipping services to deliver internationally.

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I First tried using dropbox2go and I'm glad I did. It's Very efficient and convenient to use. Plus the customer service is very helpful and accommodating too. Highly recommended.

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On time delivery for less. Very smooth and helpful service. I shall definitely use this company again.