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Dropbox2Go offers you the convenience in using our comparison tool to look for the right pushchair transporter of your choice. Our customers also enjoy discounted rates with our partnership with top courier brands.


Why trust Dropbox2Go to find an affordable pushchair courier in UK?


Booking Convenience


The best thing about Dropbox2Go is that you no longer need to go to any third-party app to book a parcel delivery service. Everything you need is on one page — from comparisons to quoting, to additional packing details, you can do it in one go. You can even choose between a drop-off or collecting service for your package.


Discounted Rates


You will find that the rates for top couriers on the Dropbox2Go booking courier services are cheaper compared to normal or standard rates. This is because, with the partnership Dropbox2Go has established, we have secured discounted rates that customers can use upon booking.



Worldwide Services


We cater not just in the UK but to over 240 international destinations. You can find the right pushchair transporter and have additional bubble wrap security for your package. You can also choose from different types of parcel delivery services as well.

Frequently Asked Questions When Sending a Pushchair

How to send a parcel?

Sending parcels with us is very easy and hassle free. Just simply indicate the weight of your parcel and where you want to send it to, and we will find you various courier services to select from.

Either you have sold something online or you are sending a gift – no matter the reason you can use our services to find the cheapest way to deliver a parcel. You can absolutely search for the prices, how swiftly it is going to arrive and book a reliable transport delivery service that suits your needs in just a matter of time.

How do I use your compare courier pricing service?

By simply providing us with the parcel details, you will be able to see the options you can choose from on the quote results page.

There is a tab on top that will allow you to pick the exact type of parcel service you need. It will also let you view all the other parcel delivery companies available to you, including all the details from the shipping price and the transit times.

How do I track my parcel to delivery?

When you book a courier service with DropBox2Go, you receive the same quality service but pay less than direct booking. There is no compromise on quality as we provide our customers with real-time, full tracking information from booking to delivery.

What about proper prams?

When you have a traditional pram and wish to post, it may be a touch too large for some of the next day courier services. Make sure when you ship it; keep its overall volume as small as possible.

How much should it cost to post a pushchair?

As usual it depends on how quickly you would like it to deliver and as well as the size of your pushchairs.

In sending pushchairs, the very first thing to consider is the dimensions of the boxed and packaged stroller. We understand that most of the customers, especially for moms who are very space-conscious, that the original box of the stroller is no longer available. But in the event that you still have kept it that would be great because it will make working out a transport delivery price so much easier. On the other hand, if you haven’t, you’ll have to try and look for another way to pack it appropriately.

If it happens that you can’t re-use any box from another purchase, you can place it in two thick bin bags, make sure the heavy-duty ones will be used, and fill it with lots of newspaper or much better packing filler or bubble wrap from other purchases. Make certain that your package is compressed properly and sturdy as possible. Make sure as well that there are no loose ends to fully protect the stroller from damages.

After those, measure your package exactly. The usual and common scales can take a pushchair and give you the correct weight. A single pushchair weighs around 6kg to 12kg depending on style. Do not estimate because if your parcel is indicated in a different price bracket, you will be charged additional fees for excess weight. You will also need to measure its height, length and width. Precise measurement is the key to a successful parcel delivery!

Can I send a baby’s pushchair abroad?

No need to worry, we provide international parcel delivery services worldwide (except from Russia) just make sure that your package is correctly packaged, not excessively large or not prohibited for import then, we can absolutely provide your services.

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I First tried using dropbox2go and I'm glad I did. It's Very efficient and convenient to use. Plus the customer service is very helpful and accommodating too. Highly recommended.

Chloe Newton

DropBox2Go is Great

On time delivery for less. Very smooth and helpful service. I shall definitely use this company again.