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When it comes to delivering computer parts, you would want the assurance that your parcel is not only packaged well but also treated with care. With top couriers like DHL, Parcel Force, DPD, and Hermes to choose from, you would have not to worry about the quality of delivery services.


Why trust Dropbox2Go to find an affordable computer parts courier in UK?


Secured Discounts


With our partnership with top courier brands, we’ve secured huge discounts for delivery services. Customers enjoy lower prices with the same quality of delivery and convenience.


Collection and Drop Off Services


No need to run to the courier company and fill up the paperwork. With Dropbox2Go, you get the convenience of having your parcels collected from your location with our pick-up services or choose our drop-off services. We have over 140 drop-off locations in the UK.


Online Booking


Book delivery services in the comforts of your home. Enjoy hassle-free online booking using our tool. You can get delivery estimates right away and get to compare prices from different couriers. Simply indicate parcel specifications like weight, quantity, and location of the recipient.

Frequently Asked Questions When Shipping Computer Parts

Am I allowed to send computer parts?

Yes, we are most definitely able to help you book a courier who can deliver your computer parts in the UK or even abroad. Dropbox2Go has courier partners who can carry a lot of computer parts like pc cases, coolers, hard drive memory cards, power supplies, sound cards and even speakers.

Our partners also carry stuff like playstations or Xbox. Some of the computer parts will be carried on a non-compensation basis like computer servers. For items that will be carried on a non-compensation basis, they will be highlighted upon placing the order. If you would like to make sure you can send each item, you can check our prohibited items list which is available online.

Can I arrange a parcel to be collected today?

Absolutely yes, we provide a couple of courier services for parcels to be collected today as long as you place the order in good time.

Once the booking is confirmed, please make sure that there is no error message on your account towards your order as this may cause the order not to go through. If in any case this scenario happens, you can reach us through a Live Chat or leave us a support ticket, and one of the team will get it fixed for you.

How to send a parcel?

Sending a parcel with us is very easy and hassle-free. Just simply indicate the weight of your parcel and where you want to send it to, and we will find you various courier services to select from.

Either you have sold something online, or you are sending a gift – no matter the reason you can use our services to find the cheapest way to deliver a parcel. You can absolutely search for the prices, how swiftly it is going to arrive and book a reliable courier service that suits your needs in just a matter of time.

Is it safer to ship the components in their original packaging, or to assemble them in a CPU case and then ship it?

It is recommended and much safer to ship them part-by-part. This does not only save space but also limits the amount of risk or possible damage to your parcel. Components like graphics card, it should be in an anti static bag with lots of bubble wrap is a good way to go, if you don’t have the original box.  The bigger the parcel, the more likely it would be harder to ship. Some computer components may also not be able to handle the travel itself if not neatly pressed or packed together. 

If shipping in the original box, would extra protection be needed?

Added protection like anti static bag and bubble wrap is not required but would be recommended. This is because when inside their original packaging, some parts may be lost or not packed tightly. You can choose to fill up the extra space with fillers or bubble wrap that could buffer the sides as well as ensure that the part is tightly packed and would not move too much during transit.

How do I use your compare courier pricing service?

By simply providing us with the parcel details, you will be able to see the options you can choose from on the quote results page.

There is a tab on top that will allow you to pick the exact type of parcel service you need. It will also let you view all the other courier companies available to you, including all the details from the shipping price and the transit times.

How do I track my parcel to delivery?

When you book a courier service with DropBox2Go, you receive the same quality service but pay less than direct booking. There is no compromise on quality as we provide our customers with real-time, full tracking information from booking to delivery.

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