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If you are uncertain of our featured courier service then here are some of the most frequently asked questions that would help answer a lot of your questions.

Top Courier Services FAQ

Is dropbox2go a comparison site?

Is Dropbox2go a comparison site?

Yes, Dropbox2go is not a courier service but a comparison website. We simply help the customers by giving them options using our online quote engine based on the dimensions, collection and delivery address for a lower cost.

Our team has invested a huge amount of time and effort to negotiate for the best prices we could offer our customers and also making sure that you have the tools to manage your orders so you can track items you cannot bring yourselves to any other parts of the world. We strive to make sure you do not only enjoy the cheap price we offer but the great service as well.

How does it work?

How to send a parcel with Dropbox2Go?

How to send parcel?

Sending parcel with us is very easy and hassle free. Just simply indicate the weight of your parcel and where you want to send it to, and we will find you various courier services to select from.

Either you have sold something online or you are sending a gift – no matter the reason you can use our services to find the cheapest way to deliver a parcel. You can absolutely search for the prices, how swiftly it is going to arrive and book a reliable courier service that suits your needs in just a matter of time.


Package our items

In order for the parcel to reach to the recipient in perfect condition, you will need to prepare and pack the parcel you want to post properly. You can head on our packaging guidelines for an thorough guide of how to do this appropriately and verify also that the item you want to send is not prohibited. Liquids or fragile items such as cakes or glass, for instance, are not suitable to be sent via a courier service. In order to avoid any problems in the future, make sure to package the parcel properly before drop off or before the courier collect your parcel.

As soon as you your item packaged, you can proceed to get a parcel delivery quote. It’s most suggested to package your item before you get a quote in order for you to provide the correct dimension and weight when you indicate them into the quote engine.

Get a price to send a parcel

It will only take a couple of your time to view the best courier services for sending your parcel. We can help you deliver a parcel inside the UK or overseas. All we need are a few details including:

  • The weight and Dimensions
  • The destination

Choose a courier service

Here are the few things you should consider a before you choose the courier you want to book.

  • What time frame do you need the parcel to be delivered?
  • What is the cost of the delivery service?
  • Should you book a collection or drop off service?
  • Do you need a courier service that provides protection cover for your items?

What types of delivery service can i book?

We have a variety of services from urgent Same Day delivery to the specialist pallet and heavy goods courier services if your parcels are going to within the UK.

Whatever the size or weight of your box, we offer cheap parcel delivery. For posting a parcel overseas, we can also help you on that. During the booking process, we collect all the required customs information to avoid a hassle sending your parcel internationally during transit.

Pay and print out your shipping documents

During the booking process, you need to provide information such as the delivery details and the size and weight of your parcel, as well as the contents which will take just a minute or two to complete.

The minute we have all of this information – click ‘Book Now’ to complete the order process. As soon as the payment is confirmed – you will receive a shipping label to attach to your box. Some domestic services do not need a printer but we will send an optional label for you.

For international shipments, you may be compulsory to print out the Customs Documents and attach them to box. Make sure you complete customs docs carefully and give full details of the items you are shipping. Just a piece of a reminder as well, kindly makes sure to provide a contact number for the recipient in case the courier or Customs need to contact them about their parcel.

Send a parcel without leaving your house

It is very easy ti send the parcel using collection as you can send a parcel to almost anywhere in the world without even going out of your home! It is a more convenient way to do instead of going out for a drive to the Post Office and all you need to do is book the courier to come on your favored date and they will arrive and collect from you.

How to send a large parcel

Heavy parcels are not simple to send and take to the drop off store. That is why collection services for big, bulky or heavy items are in demand with our customers. Moreover, we offer huge discounts on moving large parcels as we have excellent rates with couriers.

Do you offer a click to send service?

What’s the quickest way to send a parcel as I don’t have much time?

The process is very easy if you’re a business owner. Simply connect your processes to our systems and then whenever somebody purchases from you, your courier collection will be booked for you. Essentially this is a ‘click and send’ service.

However, if you’re about to send parcels just occasionally, the process might not be as simple like the one above yet it is still significantly simpler than phoning up a courier to open an account. We’ve took time streamlining the courier booking process and making sure our prices are competitive.

OK, so what’s the process? Surely I can still ‘click and send’?

It is very stress free and hassle free booking online with us.

Below is a step-by-step guide to process of getting your parcel shipped to its destination:

1. Check the quote page

On this page, you’ll see a very short form with relevant information to give you the price. Simply choose which country you would like to send the parcel. Since UK is the most common destination, we listed that first. Then you’ll see next is the list of the popular destinations and next are the list of countries or regions in alphabetical order. Shetland Islands or the Isles of Scilly, which is located in UK, are listed separately for your convenience.

Nevertheless, if you chose ‘UK’ and use a Shetland Isles postcode you will still be able to see the prices.

2. Choose which service suits your needs

We break these down to the core types of service. You can select from:

UK Mainland Next-day

  • This type of service is where your parcel is scheduled to be delivered to mainland destinations the day after collection.

Drop-off Services

  • This type of service is whereas you drop off your parcel at a courier’s depot or post office depends on your preference.

Timed Services

  • In this type of service, you can specify the time of your collection or delivery.

2-Day Services

  • This service is another delivery option at a lower price than a next day service by the same courier.

3. Choose the collection and delivery address

Once you’ve chosen a door to door delivery then you can add the collection and delivery address. You can also store addresses to make the process even quicker and use it in the future if you’re sending a parcel again on the same address you used before. On the other hand, if you have selected a door-to-door service but would really like to drop it off at the courier’s depot then you can change using the “want to drop at a depot” button.

We also help make this process quicker by having an address lookup tool. Just enter in your postcode and we’ll offer a list of possible addresses. This is very useful and would also help lessen the risk of incorrect addresses being used. This will also save time instead of typing it manually.

4. Additional information

We break these down to the core types of service. You can select from:

Collection date

  • You can choose the collection date up to a week in advance on the same page

Package contents

  • This is needed to make sure that the item you’re sending conforms to the courier’s list of prohibited items and our list.

Carriage Protection cover

  • If your item is really valuable and is more than the free amount of cover then you can and must take in it for the full amount.

Driver’s Notes

  • You can add here what instructions you would like to pass over to the driver either for collection or for delivery

Terms and conditions

  • On the same page we highly suggest that you read our terms and conditions, privacy policy and restricted items list and authorize you understand other notices we show on the page.

5. Confirm your order

You can evaluate on this page the information of where the parcel is being collected, where it’s going, the dimensions, the collection date, the contents of the parcel, the value of the goods and notes to driver. If you are okay with it then click “Confirm and Add to Cart”, if not adjust your order.

6. The Shopping Cart

On this page, you can add more parcels or proceed to the checkout.

7. Checkout

On this page, you can proceed via our secure payments system or the secure option of PayPal if it is available on your order.

Is there anything else I should know?

We highly suggest that you should triple check all the information you submit with your booking. Please also ensure that all parcels and packages booked via us are packed to endure the severities of the parcel delivery network. Using just a thin cardboard box with no additional packing such as bubble wrap or other may cause problems when your parcel arrives at its destination.

And last but definitely not the least….

The process is actually much easier than reading above, to be honest. Every screen is obviously arranged in order. What are you waiting for, book now and save more!

How do I track my parcel?

All orders can be tracked using our simple tracking tool. Simply enter a full-length tracking number which we provide whenever you book an order.

Tracking your parcel is necessary for you to make sure that your parcel was delivered with the recipient securely. Therefore, we work with delivery companies who are dependable and who provides full tracking to delivery.

As soon as you book a courier service with us, there is no concession on quality, we redirect all the tracking events the courier has, and in order for you to receive the same level of service but pay substantially a lesser amount than booking direct. Whether you’re sending from Dorchester to Dover with a domestic courier or Malta to Peru with an international courier all of our delivery services are tracked to delivery.


What is my tracking number?

The tracking number can be found on the shipping labels we also provide once the booking is confirmed, or at any time from your account. Just log in, go to My Account and you can view all of your orders there. You can also track your parcel from My Account.

Having problems searching for it?

Check your email and find the email order confirmation of your booking. We can also assist via Live Chat or email if you are having any problems tracking your parcel, just reach out to us via the Contact Us tab.

Tracking for Drop Off services

Many of our customers choose Drop Off service instead of collection. There are more than a few benefits to this type of service and of course, you will be able to track the parcel until it is delivered.

Either you drop off at the Post Office or at a Pick up shop you should be provided with a receipt when you hand the box over, so keep hold of this or take a quick photo of it on your phone for your records.

Either you buy or sell on eBay, tracking is very important. Our courier services are appropriate to send eBay items on as we provide the full tracking to delivery and you can share the tracking information with the recipient. In addition to that, you have the option to add protection cover to the booking when you place an order for those valued items.

Tracking Tips

Think of noting down the courier tracking number on the shipping label as well as our tracking number. Give the tracking number and a link to our tracking tool to the recipient so they can follow the parcel too.

Take note as well of providing a recipient contact number if shipping internationally in order for the courier to contact them and resolve any issues more quickly in case. Tracking is beneficial to hand over to the recipient whether you are sending a small box containing jewelry or large and heavy car parts.

Which courier services you can book?

We compare numerous courier services for you, in order for you to save time and find the best rates that will suit you. We are working with a lot of renowned courier companies who we coach to collect and deliver your parcel.

You can run a mock quote using our quote engine and choose from a next working day courier service in the UK or a courier to send overseas.

We offer cheap prices with the utmost dependable courier companies in the UK, and can provide their parcel delivery services for a discounted rate due to the volume of parcels we arrange with them.

In this result, you don’t have to provide the couriers with vast numbers of goods to get an inexpensive price; you can merely place the order any time of the day and have an opportunity to save money.


Where Would You Like Your Parcel To Go?

You have the option to add an extended liability cover or the protection cover during the booking process. We also offer FREE protection cover, if you opt in for it, up to the value of £20. Hence, if your item is of greater value, you can add an extended liability up to the value of £1000.

Additional information about extended liability can be found in our terms and conditions.

What if my item is valuable?

We assist our customers deliver their parcels for a smaller amount through the whole of the UK, whereas we also offer international courier services for reduced rates as well.

Arrange a Courier to Collect My Parcel

Numerous of our customers entail a courier that collects the parcel from their home or work address.

A courier collection can be booked directly using the quote engine to generate prices, and then you just have to select how swiftly you’d like your parcel to arrive to its destination and then fill any required information like where the parcel should be collected from, and where it’s going to as well as the accurate dimensions.

In addition to that, there are apparently added benefits from using a parcel delivery company which offers the opportunity to have your packages and parcels collected from the address of your choice in that you don’t have to travel to the courier depot to send your items.

Thus if you’re looking for a courier to collect your parcel directly from you, then we have the answer for you.

Do you offer extended liability?

What sort of insurance cover do you offer?

We offer protection cover as opposed to insurance on a range of our courier services. We also provide an opportunity to extend the liability for the items they want to have delivered via courier for those customers who book parcel delivery on our website.

Even if the terms and conditions take precedence over any information presented here (as those are written by legal people and reviewed regularly), some information can be provided to make you aware of some things to consider before you book.

  • What conditions a carrier, its agents or contractors become liable;
  • When picking the level of cover required what level is suitable;
  • Collection and delivery dates cannot be assured;
  • How long after a proposed delivery date your parcel is due to reach and it does before any liability can be established;
  • How proper and safe your packaging is, have you taken practical steps to protect your items and how does this effect liability;
  • Do you have or will you have all the form-filling and proof?
  • We do have a useful (but not definitive) list of prohibited items that you should check and apprehend before booking;
  • There are definite time periods for making claims, you should yet again acquaint yourself with the terms and conditions if you would like to make a claim for loss, theft or damage, or for any other reason specified in those terms;
  • Consider the possession of any item under a claim and its succeeding ownership after the claim process has been completed;
  • Without preconception. Please be mindful, that the content of this page isn’t written by a legal professional, and that you should read, comprehend and take the actions based on the information contained in the terms and conditions you feel adequate. This page is virtuously designed to direct you to the terms and conditions and to help you be cognizant of some issues to consider.

But how much does it cost?

A definite amount of extended liability will be added to your parcel for free depending on which services you book, nevertheless, you do have the opportunity to upgrade.

Our extended liability will give you the better value for money other than the other cheap comparison site. If you wish to add an extended liability, it is really necessary to make sure that the items are packaged properly and is not included on the restricted list before booking.

Packaging your items correctly is worth it to chiefly guarantee your package arrives securely but also help process your claim if in any case the item gets lost or damaged.

How secure are your services?

How secure are your parcel delivery services?

We are a believer that accountability is the key and we are proud to share with you that we are partnered with the most reliable couriers in the market.

When it comes to the ordering process, the private information of our customers and clients is very important and we keep it safe and secured. Same thing goes with your parcels, while they are en route to the delivery address are of the highest importance to us. We use only the most reliable courier services to conduct the parcel delivery and we also have very strict procedures in able to protect your personal information as well as not discussing customer orders outside of our protected account system.

In addition to that, trainings are provided to our offered couriers with regards in keeping your parcels secure in transit. If they’re kept overnight, it will be stored again securely and upon delivery the parcel will have to be signed for. We also ask for additional information during the booking process, this is only for cases wherein the delivery to the correct address is not possible.


Is there anything I can do to help?

Do not leave goods outside unattended while waiting to be collected and it is always best to keep your parcels closely or within your vicinity. Choose to book a fully tracked delivery service as well via our quote engine that can be signed for, left in a safe place or left with a neighbor depending on your choice.

Make sure, always, that the item is not prohibited, because our claims team won’t be in a position to help you out if the parcel went missing if the goods sent are prohibited.

Do you do home delivery?

Not all couriers you see driving around are business couriers. A lot of orders booked under us are home deliveries via our chosen courier partners. In any event home collections are missed; we offer a quick rebook tool for our customers.

Please note that we have a list of prohibited items as we have certain conditions since we are not like a usual home delivery service such as Tesco, aside, Waitrose and Morrison’s.

We also do not deliver food like some of your favorite fast food chains, also flowers unfortunately. We have courier partners you can book for your door to door deliveries, not limited to business deliveries.

Can I send a 50 kg parcel?

Save the cost of sending 50kg delivery. We have courier partners who send heavy parcels. We definitely have partners we can recommend you if you are looking for this kind of service. Please use our quote engine for the costs.

Note to enter all the accurate dimensions when you get a quote.

Can you be used for online shopping returns?

Retail Returns Retailers have their own systems and procedures for returning unwanted items. To help this process, dropbox2go has collected important returns information which came from the UK’s biggest online retailers and shops.

If you are looking for courier services that can ensure the return of these unwanted goods, we can help you here since we offer variety of delivery options with tracking information.

How do we weigh parcels?

How do we weight parcels?

Declaring wrong weight is one of the issues we need to avoid in placing an order. Please note that we have all the rights to pass any charges added to us by the couriers if proven that the weight you entered is different from the actual weight.

How can I know the weight of my Parcel?

A lot of online retailers declare the weight of their goods that they sell. Add up those weights and add a little extra for additional packaging. Make sure to weigh. If you are using a bathroom scale, check if it is calibrated. If you are looking for weights, check items online and compare.

How can I measure the parcels I’m sending?

We have discovered a handy app called air measure that allows you to measure a box without needing a tape measure. It is used virtually at anytime, anywhere.

How do I find an address?

How do I find an address?

If you are looking for the complete address details because you only have the part address, we can help you. You may use the royal mail or post office websites which are good when you only have the partial address. If you only have the post code, you may use out look up system which you will find in the booking process.

If you’re still having a hard time, you have the option to use the search engine and type in the recipient name in the quotation mark and city. You should be able to find something by using this method.

Can we use Google maps?

If you are sending a parcel abroad, the addresses might be vague. We recommend that you use Google maps. This will also help you shorten the address if you are having problems with the limits of the characters.

Retailer Return Address has collected retailer returns section for customers who wish to send items back. They usually provide returns labels but if the item is huge, you might need to return the items yourself and we will be able to help.

What are the VAT rates for DropBox2Go?

Understanding VAT

Our company, dropbox2go is legally entitled to charge a 20% VAT. However, please note that this may change in the future since it has already been changed three times in the past. For further information about the rates, please see the headline rates published by the HMRC.

Are postal charges VAT free?

There is a current rule which states that postal services provided by post offices are VAT free. However, similar services given by other suppliers do not apply to this rule.

VAT for non-EU deliveries

These shipments do not have VAT.

Will I be informed about being charged of VAT?

Yes you will see the details of the services which include VAT.

Do you have a contact number?

Dropbox to go is not a courier company but simply a courier comparison site which lets you get best prices for your shipment using our courier partners. Since this is the case, we do not have a phone number since we find it inefficient to make the customers wait on the phone while we contact the couriers for updates.

We extend help via live chat and email support which gives us time to investigate and coordinate with the courier without making the courier stay and wait on the other line. By using our live chat support, we can keep our customers in the loop and give further updates via the email support as needed.

In the event that the live chat is offline, customers are free to leave a message using the email support which is monitored round the clock to make sure all the queries are answered on a timely manner.

Our FAQs have a lot of information so it would be helpful to read as some of the questions you have might already have been answered here. We make sure all of the information here is updated especially when it comes to courier information and rates which will directly affect your orders.

Common Questions About Courier Delivery

What countries do you offer international parcel delivery?

What countries do you offer international parcel delivery to?

DropBox2Go’s International Delivery Services

At DropBox2Go, our goal is to provide our customers with both the lowest possible domestic and international courier prices, while also offering the most convenient booking process and responsive customer service. We achieve this by partnering with the most respected and efficient parcel delivery companies and providing them with plenty of parcel volume. This allows us to pass the cost savings onto you.

Our Courier Services

Often our worldwide courier prices are a fraction of the amount you would have to pay directly to the more established shipping companies. However, the service will be the same quality as that you would obtain booking direct. We take the booking and hand it over to the courier on our reduced tariff meaning the delivery process will be exactly the same, as will the transit times.

We are confident that when it comes to sending a parcel internationally,You will be able to send to countries, to any of the regions below. Rest assured, couriers will handle the goods properly and you will be able to track the parcel until delivery. All of these, at a discounted price once you book.

  • Send a parcel to Europe
  • Send a parcel to North and Central America
  • Send a parcel to Asia
  • Send a parcel to the Middle East
  • Send a parcel to Africa
  • Send a parcel to South America
  • Send a parcel to Oceania
  • Send a parcel to the Caribbean
How long will it take for my parcel to be delivered?

DropBox2Go Delivery Times – How long does courier delivery take?

We have a huge number of people asking ‘how long does it take for a parcel to be sent? There are so many variables including service and destination, but when you use our parcel delivery comparison site, this is one of the things we highlight in the results, so you can pick a courier who will deliver your parcel in the time frame you need.

UK Courier Delivery Times

When you book with DropBox2Go, most of UK domestic parcels will be delivered the day after collection – as long as the courier service you’ve ordered is ‘Next Day’. All of our postage rates are discounted, but delivery times are still premium the same as you would get booking direct.

The courier delivery times are estimated and provided directly to us by the couriers who provide the actual delivery service. Where delivery takes longer such as 1-2 day service, you can check this on the quote engine results.

You can compare not only delivery times but also courier prices when you get a delivery quote. If you need a quicker courier service you can filter the results using the tabs at the top of the results page or to whichever options suit your requirements.

International shipping times

Where it gets more complicated, is when it comes to international parcel delivery. We advise an estimated guide of expected shipping times during the quote process which should give you a quick glance at the length of time it typically takes for a packet to be delivered overseas.

Many European destinations will have a quick delivery transit time given their relative proximity to the UK. As well as the traditional air courier services there will be the option to send your parcel by road that may be cheaper. As you would expect, it is likely to take longer – perhaps a day or two.

Major cities have quicker expected delivery times than more remote locations. Cities generally have excellent transport links so parcel delivery to urban areas is likely to occur more quickly than a parcel going to a more rural location.

To get an overview of the quickest international shipping times we would expect we have collated destinations we ship to here –

  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Caribbean
  • Europe
  • North America
  • Middle East
  • Oceania
  • South America
How long does courier delivery take to more isolated UK communities?

Some outlying areas of Scotland may, occasionally, take another day given weather conditions and other restrictions such as the logistics of reaching these more rural locations. These places include but are not limited to Durness, Tongue, Thurso, Wick, Helmsdale, Cromarty, Fraserburgh and Ullapool.

While other islands such as the Isles of Scilly or the Isle of Wight may take longer than a mainland delivery too.

We offer specific rates to the Channel Islands to Jersey and Guernsey. The service times provided are given to us by the carrier themselves, as an estimation of delivery time based on their services.

What time will my parcel be delivered?

Couriers in the main make deliveries between 8 am and 6 pm on weekdays, unless you have booked a Priority or Timed service. The couriers also deliver on weekdays, unless you have booked a weekend delivery service.

You can provide the recipient with the tracking number so they can follow the parcel until it is delivered. Please also provide the correct contact information for the recipient to avoid any issues.

What are your parcel delivery sizes?

Parcel weight and size limits

DropBox2Go can assist you compare courier and book cheap parcel delivery prices for items of all weight and size. Royal Mail UK Standard parcel prices can be a bit abrupt when it comes to shipping heavier parcels within the UK or internationally, so this is where our courier comparison quote engine can help keep your delivery costs in check.

If you know the weight and dimensions of your parcel then just put them in the very short quote form and DropBox2Go will give you a list of courier services to choose from. Parcel weight and size will impact the price of delivery, but by making use of our discounted shipping rates, we can help you pay far less than booking a courier directly or at the Post Office, no matter the size of the box you wish to send.

Parcel prices by size and weight

All parcels booked via our courier quote system have to have their volumetric weight calculated. This establishes a value that all courier companies use to determine the ‘bulkiness’ of a parcel and hence set prices. A very small item that weighs 25kg may not cost the same to ship as a big 5kg parcel.

Add your requirements to our courier quotes form and we can give you an idea if your parcel is too heavy to go through our parcel courier suppliers.

We can only give indicative weight limits. If you’re looking to send parcels that are 1kg, 2kg, 3kg, 5kg and 10kg you should be fine. Even parcels that are 12kg and heavy items such as boxes of books at 20kg should, generally, be no problem.

It is crucial to remember, couriers price their services based on volumetric weight so you will need to provide not only the weight of your item but all the dimensions. Our crafty quote engine will then do the hard work, calculate the correct price for your parcel with the couriers we offer, even if you are sending something tricky like wheels.

We have you covered for 30kg parcel delivery services next day, collection to drop off, just add your details and take your pick!

Sending a parcel that weighs 30kg or more

Have a parcel that weighs more than 30kg? We can still assist with the UK or International shipping just put your dimensions in the parcel delivery quote engine to get your price. You can compare and book discounted couriers who can carry parcels in this weight category online through our quote engine and they will also collect from your home or work address.

Large, heavy parcels can be difficult and expensive to send, so being able to compare courier prices is important in sourcing a value for money solution.

What about long parcels?

Long parcels can be just as tricky to post as heavy ones. Couriers only accept certain dimensions so some fishing gear, for example, can be difficult to post. We work with couriers who can deliver not only heavy boxes but those longer items too. In fact, you can send items that are as long as 5m!

What is the largest delivery size I can book to send in the UK?

Our couriers can handle a lot of heavy and ‘ugly’ freight, they have a max weight limit of 500kg and max combined dimensions of 549cm. This more than likely will be a palletized delivery which they can handle, but you will need to have the item prepared on a pallet.

Is there a parcel size or weight limit on international parcels?

Our couriers can handle a lot of heavy and ‘ugly’ freight, they have a max weight limit of 500kg and max combined dimensions of 549cm. This more than likely will be a palletized delivery which they can handle, but you will need to have the item prepared on a pallet.

Do you offer a Saturday Parcel Delivery Service?

Saturday service can be booked from as little as £19.99 + VAT.

Booking this service will ensure you can get a parcel to arrive nice and early on a Saturday for a great price. You can track your parcel and you can also enjoy £20 FREE protection cover.

Full tracking is provided with this courier service, plus you can enjoy FREE protection cover up to the value of £60. There is no need to print a label either the driver will bring it to the collection point.

If more convenient you can book this a Drop Off service, but you will need to print the shipping label.

How does a Saturday delivery courier work?

Saturday delivery is in many ways the same as a standard weekday courier. Get parcel delivery quotes using DropBox2Go by entering your dimensions and destination into the website. On the results page, select the ‘Priority’ tab and you will see all the Saturday services we offer.

  1. Make sure your parcel is less than 30kg and that it meets the carriers conditions of service.
  2. Make sure that you book in advance as some carriers require a much longer notice period. You can book on a Thursday for the collection on Friday. (Subject to change)
  3. Make sure someone will be available on Friday for the parcel to be collected.
  4. And that the recipient will in a position to take delivery on the Saturday before 1 pm.
  5. Then monitor the delivery with the help of the online tracking system.

Saturday Collection Courier

Our standard couriers are not available to make a collection on a Saturday, but you can book a Same Day courier service.

If you want to send a parcel on a Saturday, you can also book a Drop Off service.

Convenient and often cheaper, you can choose to drop off at a Pickup shop or Post Office. Both of these options provide extended opening hours to allow customers to drop off in the evening or over the weekend.

Where do I take my parcels to have them delivered?

Looking to find out where to post those parcels?

You really don’t have to go far to post them, how about a trip to the front door?

Just keep your packages at home or take them to work if you wish and have them collected by a courier of your choice. The parcel collection point of choice for many are home, and why not if it makes life that bit easier!

We can even get something collected on your behalf from another physical address within the UK, just place an order on our site and email the shipping labels over to the sender address for them to attach to the parcel, perfect if you are organizing a Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree pick up or even if you have bought something on eBay.

There is a market out there for dropping parcels off, but this doesn’t work for everyone such as the elderly or those who just can’t just pop out as easily as others, so we aim to give our customer base the choice. Parcel delivery comparison means you should be able to find a selection of services to make an informed choice of which best suits your needs.

Where is my nearest DropBox2Go Drop Off location?

DropBox2Go is not a courier service; we are a courier comparison tool through which you can book discounted delivery services including both collected and Drop Off courier services. We offer Drop Off services which you can find via our quote engine extensive information about DropBox2Go Drop Off services.

Do you offer a door to door delivery service with pick-up included?

Can I get my parcel collected from my home or work?

Of course you can, and you can compare prices on these services here. The selection of courier companies that offer door-to-door delivery services can be found using the “Services” link at the site.

After you have added the dimensions of the parcel or packet into our quote form you will be asked to select the level of service from next day, economy, next day before 9 am and next day on a Saturday before 12 noon. On the next screen, you will be asked for a courier collection address and a delivery one. It is at this point where your parcel delivery request becomes a door-to-door courier service.

What are the advantages of a door-to-door courier service?

There are a good number of benefits of booking couriers that offer a parcel collection and door-to-door service, here’s just a few:

Save yourself some petrol if your local Post Office isn’t in walking distance.

Make someone else carry the burden. If you’ve got a bulky parcel to be delivered, then all you’ve got to do is get it to the front door of your home and typically your reception if you’re a business customer.

You don’t have to brave the Great British weather. Come to the wind, shine or rain our couriers will collect from you, so you don’t have to get yourself soaked. Of course, during periods of intense weather phenomena such as the snowy conditions, our couriers may have a few problems getting to you.

Can I book a signed for delivery?

Can I book parcel delivery where it’s signed for on delivery?

Yes, you can, all packages are signed for when delivered. Be reminded as well that our partner couriers also ask for a signature for collections so we suggest that you print a copy of your order to be signed by the courier who picks up your parcel.

We believe that responsibility is the key to attract customers. And we are proud to say that we and so are our parcel delivery partners are accountable. By all means, all parcels should be signed for when delivered. Traditional services require a signature just on a piece of paper but all of our partners require an electronic signature on their hand-held devices that allow the online tracking services to be updated swiftly.

A signed parcel means that the parcel has been received in a satisfactory condition, and in case may affect your ability to claim for damage. Be assuring that you have read comprehensively the terms and conditions before you book.

Is there anything else I need to think of?

Simply guarantee that you are fully aware of the terms and conditions and for the recipient to know what their signature means.

Do you offer parcel delivery services to shops?

How Do I Send a Parcel via a shop booked with DropBox2Go?

The first thing you should understand is that our parcel delivery prices start at price is £2.37(£2.83 inc VAT) for a collection. With that in mind, you should get the dimensions (both weight and size) together and then add them to our courier quote form. This will give you a range of courier services available for the type of parcel you have to send. From this list select the type of service you would like i.e. next day, two days, drop-off, etc.

When you have chosen a particular service you would like to send a parcel with, it is now simply a case of adding in your collection and delivery address. For drop-off orders, you will naturally choose the depot most suitable to your needs.

We hope you appreciate these prices are incredibly cheap for both next day courier services as well as for door to door parcel delivery services. There are different rates if you’d like to ship heavier items or send parcels abroad.

How Do Your Courier Prices Compare?

We pride ourselves on being one of the cheapest courier service providers on the internet. We believe you have a right to receive a fast, reliable, efficient and hassle-free service and this is what our staff and agents strive for.

Feel free to compare our parcel delivery prices with another service you may find on the internet, or pop down to your local Post Office too and ask them. Try some different courier price services and know which you find most suitable for your needs.

Do your courier companies collect from shops?

We do, many of our customers are small and medium-sized shop owners.

We can help each and every shop-owner with their parcel delivery needs. But we do offer companies that send ten or more parcels per week a ‘Premier’ rate that gives them a discounted parcel delivery rate compared to customers who send fewer parcels.

We have another service that may help shops with an online presence. Our API (website integration) so that when orders are taken on your website that data will automatically be passed to our booking system and courier collection will be arranged. Without you having to put in all the details again.

Our role is to allow you to concentrate on the things you’re good at and less time on the things you just don’t want to think about. At whatever stage your business is at, or whatever size your shop is, we have a service that can help you save time and money.

A World Wide Service

Wherever you want to send a package to, we’ve got it covered. The destinations that most of our customers want to send a parcel to be obviously within the UK, however, we do help people send parcels to a wide range of countries abroad.

Why Use DropBox2Go?

When you use the DropBox2Go to find a courier service to send your parcel to its destination you are given the parcel tracking details that allow you to follow the progress of your package to its destination. So, if you would like to use this parcel delivery service to send a parcel to loved-ones or customers then it’s a very simple process which you can start by adding the parcel’s dimensions to this courier quotes form.

Which couriers do not require a printer?

Which couriers do not require a printer?

Since not everybody has access to printers, we offer some courier partners who do not require printed labels. Dropbox2go offers some couriers who do not require printers but note that all of the couriers require items to be packed as we do not supply packaging services.

How do I send parcels without using a printer?

The courier will bring the label with them upon parcel collection. They will attach the label once you’ve handed over the parcel to them. This is only available for UK domestic delivery since international deliveries require customs documents which means you would also need to print the labels.

No printer collection from another address:

When you purchase an item from eBay and you are not able to print and attach the label yourself for collection, this is where we come in. It is an advantage since our drivers will come and collect the item with the labels printed by the courier.

Is there a label on my account?

Yes, it will be available on your dropbox2go account once you have successfully placed an order.

FAQs on Collections

Can I arrange a parcel to be collected today?

Can I arrange a parcel to be collected today?

Absolutely yes, we provide a couple of courier services for parcels to be collected today as long as you place the order in good time.

Once the booking is confirmed, please make sure that there is no error message on your account towards your order as this may cause the order not to go through. If in any case this scenario happened, you can reach us thru a Live Chat or leave us a support ticket and one of the team will get it fixed for you.

Missed the cutoff for collection today? Drop Off.

Alternatively, if you have missed the cutoff point and not eyeing for same day delivery service, you can try our Drop Off services that you can choose from the quote engine.

Once you booked our drop off service we will send a label in under 20 minutes to your account ready to print out and you will need to attach it to the parcel, and then you just take to your nearest drop-off.

Hence, we cannot assure that they will be processed the same day and picked up by the driver as it will depend on what time they collect from these points on a daily basis but a member of staff in the shop will let you know if the daily collection has been made.

Will you collect my parcel?

What are courier collection services does DropBox2Go offer?

DropBox2Go is the one-stop, parcel comparison site where you can find the best UK collected courier services on the market.

You have the opportunity to choose from a range of shipping experts, add protection cover to your item, track your parcels and save money all in one simple place.

Book a courier collection as an alternative to dropping at the Post Office

Alternatively, you can book a courier to collect your parcel rather than having to queue and drop off a parcel at the Post Office.

The most popular choice is booking your parcel to have it collected by the courier from your doorstep. It is the easiest way to send a parcel in the UK or overseas.


Below is how we operate:

  • We will search courier companies available to collect from your home or office and then deliver the parcel in the UK or overseas.
  • Simply provide the collection and delivery addresses and the size and weight of your parcel to show you with a lineup of reasonable courier prices.
  • Your chosen courier will then come and collect your items from your home or work.
  • The parcel will then be taken to a depot, sorted and dispatched.

You don’t even need to drive miles and hours and the courier will just collect your parcel from you saving you time. No need to bother heading to the Post Office, getting stuck in traffic, looking for parking or wasting petrol.

There is no compromise on quality; you will get the precise same standard of service as booking directly with a courier but for a discounted price!

What time will my parcel be collected?

What time will my parcel be collected?

Most of the courier services we are affiliated with collect the parcel from 8AM to 6 PM. They only collect during weekdays and exception if it is Bank Holiday.

If this option will not suffice your requirements, you have the option to book a drop off service whereas you can take your parcel to a local Pick up Shop or Post Offices. This option will give you the opportunity to drop the parcel in advance as long as the drop off point is open and this service option can be booked via our quote engine.

This service is also a trackable service and once your parcel is collected by the courier the tracking details will be updated or you can also use the tracking number provided by our system directly to the courier’s website.

The opening hours of the Pickup Store and Post Office or depot is available to find during the booking process just provide your post code to find the nearest drop off point.

Our affiliated couriers are not able to provide specific collection times to save the price of the parcel delivery services at its lowest. The collection time is of your parcel can either be at the morning, at noon or in the afternoon not later than 6 PM. This is organized in an efficient manner for the driver, so no need to worry.

Checking if a card was left is a must in the event you missed the collection during the day, if you found one you can reach out to us in order for us to reschedule the collection in the next working day suitable for you or you can also check our tracking tool to see if the driver had already attempted to made a collection, and if they had attempted, contact us as well to reschedule.

Arrange for a parcel to be collected from someone else?

Can I arrange for a parcel to be collected from someone else?

Yes, you can arrange a collection to be collected from someone else. These occurrences are most common whenever you buy an item online but the good thing is DropBox2Go is here to help.

Here are some of the few reminders when you wish to collect your item from someone else:


Courier collection and delivery service

As long as you have a UK collection address, we can definitely assist you as our services is available worldwide. If the item was bought within the UK, let the seller know that you have arranged a collection service with us and send them the label we provided. You have the option to choose from collection service wherein the courier will collect it from the seller or drop off service if it is much convenient for him to take it to the drop off point.

Simply place the order and allow the seller to do on his/her own. This has become widely used by our customers especially online selling is very well known nowadays. Online sellers usually advises that they cannot deliver the parcel overseas because the cost of the postage is too high, hence, if you book with us you can just simply send them the shipping label to attach the parcel and they can just await for the courier to come and collect the parcel or drop the parcel at the drop off point is another option. This can be done using our services in a lower cost.

You can reach us out thru Live Chat if you have further questions or concerns on arranging a collection.

You can reach us if in case you have problems with the tracking or if you have any concerns you wish to address. In order to get full tracking information, just enter the order number into the tracking box of your homepage. There is also Live Chat service from 8AM to 9 PM during weekdays or leave a message on the Contact Us tab and our team will further assist you.

Related Help Pages

An informative article on eBay regards on organizing collection via courier is available to check into. The article stated comparing a various collection services will help you get a cheaper price. Our quote engine can provide you options to choose from and from there you can be able to compare which service will suit your taste and convenience.

For further questions or clarifications, you can reach us out and we will surely assist you.

Do you have a drop-off service?

What is a parcel drop off service?

This simply means you can take your parcel to a local Pick up shop or Post Office where a courier will collect your parcel. This service can be booked online using our quote engine.


Can I Drop Off an international parcel?

Yes. The Customs Documents are provided during the booking process. Just make sure that you print them off (if required) and attach them with the shipping label, there will be no issue with sending a parcel overseas via a Drop off Service.

This service is also a trackable courier. The items can be tracked in full if you drop a parcel off, it will be scanned in at the shop or Post Office and then throughout the process until delivery. You can also provide tracking number with the recipient so they too can track the parcel shipment as well.

If I have missed a collection, can I drop off my parcel?

If you have booked a collection, the item cannot be dropped off because you do not have the correct shipping label for your item to be accepted at a Drop Off location.

Alternatively, you can rebook a new collection for the next working day or you can cancel your order and get it refunded. Once cancelled, you can book a new order under a Drop Off service and drop off at your local store with the correct shipping labels to make sure your parcel is delivered correctly.

How to rebook a missed collection?

How to rebook a missed collection or reschedule a parcel pick up?

Of course! It will only take a minute or two of your time. As we all know, missed collections are a common issue in the courier industry. Just a reminder, Dropbox2go is not a courier. We resell the courier services at a lower cost, therefore in the event that the parcel does not get collected, you can reach out to us and we will be glad to assist.

In the event a problem occurs and the parcel was not collected, we sincerely apologize. For further assistance, just log in on your account and open a Live Chat with our team who are online weekdays 8am to 9pm or you can use the Contact Us page and open a support ticket which will be answered and the collection rebooked at the most convenient day for you. You also have the option to cancel the order and be refunded and you can book a drop off service instead on our site if you rebooking the collection will not suffice for you. Just simply print the labels and take the parcels Post Office or Pick Up shop, if you preferred this.

Please be reminded as well to not to contact the courier directly since the order is booked via our quote engine. We can fix any further issues and have the collection rescheduled if you wish to.

To re-arrange your delivery you will need to fill out the short form we have here and provide your DropBox2Go reference number, the postcode the parcel is going to and the date that you’d like to have it collected. If you get a problem with this you can reach our Live Chat team will be here to reschedule the collection on your behalf.

Below are some of the possible reasons why a parcel hasn’t been collected

  • There could be adverse weather during winter
  • There is a possible courier network issues especially during peak season
  • If customers have provided insufficient addresses
  • The courier call and nobody answers
  • Incorrect dimensions specified by the sender

We are affiliated with dependable carriers who have a very high success rate with collections but we at DropBox2Go do not actually collect the items, we only take your booking and pass it through to the courier you chose from our quote engine. All you have to do is wait for the email confirmation and shipping labels, print and attach. And then you’re good to go.

Can I rearrange a collection if I am not available?

Yes, definitely. Just let our team know, if you are not available on the scheduled collection date so we can rebook the collection to a convenient time suited for you. Mostly customers will take the parcel to their work address and they cannot wait until 6pm for the driver to collect, therefore if this is the situation, log in to your account and reach us thru Live Chat, then we can rebook the collection for the next working day for you or whenever is most suitable.

A new label should be printed out and attach your parcel or if you booked for a courier not needing a printed label, you can skip this process.

What about collections over the weekend?

What about collections over the weekend?

Most of the customers cherish their weekends. For them, this time of the week is the only day they can assure that they’re at home to await for the delivery. This is why we come up with on offering a Saturday or Sunday delivery to our customers.

You can organize a courier to collect your parcel any day during the week and have it delivered either by a weekend courier service.

Our weekend couriers are ideal to be used as business couriers because a lot of businesses like to offer premium delivery services as well.

Can I have my parcel collected on a weekend?

We do not offer any other collection services over the weekend via our quote engine, but alternatively, you can choose the drop off service in which you can take your parcel to the Post Office or Pick Up store if they are open over the weekend. Simply book online, print off the shipping labels and attach them to the box and take them to the nearest drop off location near you.

How much does it cost for a weekend courier service?

As we all know, weekend delivery is pricier because it comprises staffing and delivering.

Generally, these courier services reach your place before lunchtime over the weekend and you can add protection cover on to the booking as well. Aside from that, this service is also trackable like the normal services on weekdays.

Courier Delivery Tips & Advice

Do you charge customs fees?

Customs charges for sending a parcel internationally

For parcels going within the UK and out to Europe, there is no need to fulfill a requirement for any customs documentation. On the other hand, if you are sending outside of the EU to well-known countries like USA, China, Australia or India and etc., you have to complete customs documents and attach them outside of your box securely, to avoid any problems during Customs Inspection and this way as well would help the Customs Officers to check what you are sending and its value easily.

Check that you are allowed to send your item

Every country have a list of items that are not allowed to be imported, including some of the obvious things that DropBox2Go list as restricted like food, aerosols or liquids. Furthermore, there are also items which you may not expect to see, that is why better check it first before booking.

Items like money, mobile phones, antiques, musical instruments are not allowed send to some destinations, and surprisingly some items under restricted list include clothes and books. Be aware and always visit the rules for the destination country before you book an order to avoid delays, problem and total chaos!

Double check the delivery address, and check again!

Stress-free way to send gifts.

Stress free Christmas

We, at dropbox2go know how busy this season can be. From shopping to gift wrapping to making sure all the gifts are sent to the recipients on time for the holidays.

We can help you by giving you discounted rates online to send these gifts smooth and hassle free.


How should I package my parcel?

How should I pack my item to be sent by a courier company?

Here are some quick tips to help ensure that your items arrive in perfect condition:

  • Cover and wrap each and every item in the box separately because it is a much better way to protect the items while in transit.
  • Think through using polystyrene, bubble wrap and foam wrapping for internal packaging to prevent movement in the box.
  • Use strong inner and outer box to protect your items inside.
  • Seal the packages or the boxes with a strong tape securely around the edges to prevent damage.
  • Make sure to use a heavy duty/corrugated cardboard boxes for shipping much suitable if a new one.
  • Be aware as well that the address details cannot be soiled or exposed to water damage and ensure that the customs docs are securely fastened in plastic pouch or envelope.
  • Think of it as your obligation to lessen the chance of damage in transit; courier networks are vast carrying masses of parcels so guarantee to pack it properly to prevent the risk of any problems.
  • Keep in mind that parcels being sent next day also need packaging. Taking a minute of your time wrapping and securing your item can avoid an hour or more sorting out a claim with the protection cover policy that often comes with a delivery order.

A complete DropBox2Go packaging guideline list is available here.

You can also check our protection cover which serves as cover in case of damage to your item.

Another important recent issue that came up is when customers are using old boxes, with old labels and stickers on. There is no issue using an old box as long as it is still sturdy and usable but what can cause the courier’s confusion and mix up is when old address labels or customs documents are still attached and this may mislead drivers or people handling the parcel.

Any old documentation, labels or stickers on a reused box should be removed to prevent a stress and any further issues which can also let to delay on your delivery or even far more worst is the parcel being returned.

FAQs on Destinations

Do you offer courier services for Londoners?

Dropbox2go is the best option if you need to book a delivery in London. Aside from being able to book a London courier, you can also be able to compare different services so you can book the one that suits your needs considering the price and the timeframe of delivery.

You will be able to also enjoy our discounted delivery if you book a courier to collect from London or to send a parcel to London using our website.

We have a local courier service which provides same day service. They can collect and deliver time-sensitive items such as documents or car parts. They are also able to collect and move big and bulky items.

Book a bike to courier in London

We have a courier partner who lets you choose the size of the vehicle that you need (including a bike) when you book under dropbox2go. It is cost-effective for small businesses that have small items to send if they book a same day bicycle courier.

Simply enter the dimensions of your parcel here, and look for the same day tab on top to find the best courier and best prices.

Courier companies available to book in London

Dropbox2go offers Domestic couriers which include a variety of parcels to be delivered within the UK.

Next Day – Parcels sent under the service have a great time range including 9 am, 12 noon or Saturday delivery. This is expected to be delivered before 6 pm.

Huge and Heavy – We offer discounted prices for sending big and bulky items, this includes pallets across UK and also London for cheaper rates and faster delivery, our courier companies are able to help. Just add the details to our quote engine and start saving. We also help customers from Brentford, Croydon and Poplar.

International Shipping from London

We offer discounted international shipping from London using some of our courier partners and a few more since we all know that London is one of the main financial business capitals in the world and also, we send parcels for our customers to virtually all points of the world.

Not only that, dropbox2go also offers discounted air express service -which uses two premium and delivery companies that help keeping the cost of shipping lower than the others.

Do you deliver to the Isle of Wight?

Yes, we certainly do.

There are no further restrictions sending to locations in the UK as far as Isle of Wight. You just need to get a quote by entering the post code of the collection and delivery address and then you will be given options suitable for what you need. You have the option to drop these parcels off at a depot or at a courier locker.

There is also a two day service that dropbox2go offers. All of the prices depend on the dimensions, collection and delivery addresses of your parcel. You can check them by using our quote engine. You will then be given the list of the services you may choose from depending on what you want and need in shipping your goods.

How long does it take to send a parcel to Africa?

How long does it take to send a parcel to Africa?

Dropbox2go does not only want to provide cheap delivery services but also fast and reliable. We have made the process simple and it really should not take more than 5 minutes to fill out our quote engine and book the order. Since we send thousands of parcels, we are given discounted rates by our courier partners whom we of course pass on to our customers. We cater to the most popular places in Africa such as Egypt Kenya and Nigeria.

Which countries in Africa can I send to?

Dropbox2go serves across the continents of Africa however, delivery timeframe varies from one location to another. No matter which location the parcel is going to, you will be provided a tracking number so you can see where your parcel is anytime you would like to check.

Why do I need a customer Tax ID to ship to South Africa?

Standard regulations for exports to South Africa

Personal identification details of the recipient should be sent when you are shipping items or parcels to South Africa. One particular is the Tax ID. It is a unique number every citizen has and also helps to confirm if referring to the recipient. Most recipients mistaken their personal ID is the Tax ID but this is actually different. Customs check the recipient’s details when the goods clear customs around the issue of taxes owed on the incoming item and this is what Tax Id is for. If can’t be provided number, you should provide the recipient passport number.

On the other hand, if you are sending to a UK citizen to South Africa, you can provide their passport number instead.

Before Customs release the goods, they check the number first and must match up with the details of the recipient. We will show the details of this number below and what each part of the Unique ID signifies.

Your item might be processed for return if you failed to provide this information or held by South African customs which will truly cause not only you but also your receiver an inconvenience or long delays. Beforehand, please confirm with the person you are sending to located in South Africa, that they can provide this information to you to reassure before you book it can be added to the details of your booking and it will be checked when the parcel arrives in South Africa.

Booking an order with DropBox2Go

We will provide the customs documents needed to ensure it clears Customs, but, you will need to fill them out on the booking form correctly and once done, your parcel is good to go. No need to do it manually on the day of collection which will further cause you stress due to time constraints. As soon as the form is completed print out and attach to the outside of the box in a clear plastic wallet, clear envelope or one clearly marked FAO Customs.

What is the Recipient Unique ID Reference?

The South African personal identification number is 13 digits long with only numeric characters and no white space, punctuation or alpha characters.

It is defined as YYMMDDSSSSCAZ:

YYMMDD represents the date of birth (DoB);

Using ID Number 8001015009087 as an example, it would read as follows:

This ID number indicates that a male citizen was born on 1 January 1980; he was the 10th male to be registered (assuming that the first male to be registered on that day would be assigned the sequence number 5000).

Alternatively, if the recipient is not an SA resident, you can get their national insurance number or their passport number. This identification details is still required.

How do I book a parcel delivery from Northern Ireland?

Book cheap parcel delivery services to and from Northern Ireland

DropBox2Go can offer you the chance to send your items to Northern Ireland for less with the chosen service.

We resell courier services for less as we ship so many parcels, meaning you can enjoy savings based on the economies of scale. We take your order and hand it to the courier so your item is sent via the exact same service as if you booked directly with the courier but at a fraction of the price.

You can have your parcel collected from your home or work address, and enjoy full tracking from the moment it is collected until it arrives with the recipient. Our services offered have invested heavily in improving their tracking, so it is now easier than ever to follow your item in transit.

We have two services products that can ship to Northern Ireland, the 24 hour service which is fully tracked and signed for on its receipt at the delivery address. The 48 hour service with us is also fully tracked and signed for.

Both of these services can be booked at exactly the same cost for items being collected in Northern Ireland.

Another benefit of using our service collection we offer is that you do not need a printer. When you place the order on our site we hand the booking to the courier company and the driver will bring one with him to the collection address meaning no time wasted printing out labels or if you do not have a printer at home, you can still use our online courier services. You can enjoy free insurance up to the value of £75 with our service, as long as you declare the correct value of the item you are sending.

Protection cover can also be added at the time of booking for items with a higher value.

Low-cost Collection Service in Northern Ireland

DropBox2Go also can provide a low cost collection service in Northern Ireland for those who wish to ship around the world.

You can book on our site services which can collect from addresses in Northern Ireland. For international parcels you will need a printer as you are likely to need to print out customs documents as well as the labels. We can help you send your items to destinations such as:

  • USA
  • Australia
  • Germany
  • France
Can I book international parcel delivery services?

Get an instant international shipping quote:

If you have an idea of the weight and dimensions of your parcel(s) and want to know how much it is to send a parcel abroad just click here for an instant quote. Looking for prices for international parcel delivery couldn’t be any easier!

You can select where to have the parcel shipped to and look for the best price based on the weight and size of your box.

Where can I ship my parcel to?

We cater global coverage to most destinations all over the world, so no matter where you wish to send a parcel to, we can look for you a reliable courier to book with. We offer discounted prices for these trusted parcel delivery services due to the number of goods we send with them on a daily basis, and we offer these great prices to you via our quote engine.

Customs Documents

Most people worry about what Customs Documents are required if any. No need to worry as we provide any relevant customs forms to be filled out in the booking process so all you need to do is fill them out with the correct details of what you wish to send.

It is essential that you describe the contents of the package as precisely as possible. The courier will then have another chance to ensure that nothing illegal is being carried or if you are shipping something that may incur Customs duty.

Always provide the recipient’s contact number and attach Customs Documents to the box in clear or marked envelope.

Although we do have a list of prohibited items, each nation has their restrictions that you need to be aware of.

Ensure old address details and barcodes are removed as well as any stickers which may indicate an issue to the couriers.

Do you collect parcels from UK offshore Islands?

We got you covered!

Here are the islands we collect from:

Discounted collection services are offered in Isle of Man, Isle of Wight, Scilly Isles and Scottish Islands. Just like any other locations in the UK, orders are put through just one account that causes cheaper prices as a result from savings on the economies of scale.

Please note however that drop off services are not offered in these areas. Parcels will be collected by the driver from your work or home address. By using our quote engine, you can look at the different services with discounted prices as a result from the company sending a huge number of parcels every day. Quite a good deal if you are looking to send a parcel and save money at the same time. Both drop off and collection services are offered in the Northern Islands.

Please also note that we do not offer collection services from Channel Islands but we are here to help to deliver. Please note that you would need to choose UK when booking under Isle of Man or Scilly Isles since we are still working on the drop down for these two places.

Sending parcels to any of the Islands

We have made it simple for our customers to find out how much the order will cost.

Getting the Best Deals

Do you have a service to compare courier prices?

Compare Delivery Companies

By simply providing us the parcel details, you will be able to see the options you can choose from on the quote results page. There is a tab on top that will allow you to pick the exact type of parcel service that you need and will also let you view all the other courier companies available to you including all the details from the shipping price and the transit times.

Compare the levels of courier services

No matter how quick you want the delivery to be whether it is a next day service or a Saturday delivery you are looking for, we are sure to provide you a huge amount of courier companies to choose from. Drop off services are also offered for customers who do not have the time to wait in for a collection all day.

Compare international courier costs

Ecommerce has made the numbers of parcels being sent abroad increase. Because of the cross-border shipping items sold online, customers come and compare prices with dropbox2go when sending parcels abroad.

We cater to almost all destinations in the world with lower prices when you book through our online quote engine.

Why did you choose the courier partners that you have?

We took the time to negotiate with a lot of courier partners but we prefer to choose to work with those couriers whom we believe will do a great job for our customers and make sure to deliver the parcels to the destinations as fast as possible for a very reasonable price. We’re working with the best courier services to make sure to satisfy our customers.


Consider adding insurance when sending items with higher value. We have some courier partners who come with free cover but you can add more as needed.

Note: Check our restricted items before sending packages

How do I know I’m getting a good deal when others offer voucher codes?

How do I know I’m getting a good deal when others offer voucher codes?

How can we get the best deal? Do you have a service that compares courier prices?

Courier prices comparison

If you are looking for delivery companies who are not pricey, or the fastest way to send your goods, we can definitely help you. In just a few minutes, we can give you the comparison that you need. Simple!

Is dropbox2go a comparison site?

Yes, dropbox2go is not a courier service but a comparison website. We simply help the customers by giving them options using our online quote engine based on the dimensions, collection and delivery address for a lower cost.

Our team has invested a huge amount of time and effort to negotiate for the best prices we could offer our customers and also making sure that you have the tools to manage your orders so you can track items you cannot bring yourselves to any other parts of the world.

We strive to make sure you do not only enjoy the cheap price we offer but the great service as well.

How does it work?

We have developed a technology that can determine the prices of our courier partners depending on the requirement of the order you are going to place. After this, all the available options for you will be shown and once the order has been placed, we make sure that it is handled perfectly to ensure a smooth transaction lf the delivery all throughout the process. In any event anything unexpected arises, we are here to help. By using our quote engine, you may start by finding or choosing the best service that will best suit your needs.

Dropbox2go offers a lot more than just being a courier comparison site —we value our customers.

Importance of Accurate Weight.

Will the couriers weigh my parcel?

Yes, they will. These couriers will get the volumetric weight of your parcel. A pricing model will then be built on that information and other various factors. Some of the small inaccuracies in weight do not affect the prices charged to you since most couriers have relatively broad price bands.

If, however, the weight of your parcel goes over a new kg, this may enter a new band and a new price will be charged by the courier to us no matter if you gave a lower weight than what is declared upon booking. We will then check all the additional charges and let the customers know and add these to their account. This is why we highly recommend customers to make sure they give accurate weight to avoid having these additional fees.

These additional charges do not happen all the time but you will see in our terms and conditions that we require customers to add the accurate weight. Please note that these parcel delivery companies will weigh and measure your packages in addition to their logistics and billing process. Once we are charged of the additional fees we have the right to send those fees to the customers for an additional charge.

Measuring my Parcel

There is an app called air measure; this lets you measure a box without the need for a tape measure. It will virtually allow you to take the measurements of the box anytime, anywhere and this is perfect for anytime you would need to know the dimensions of the parcel you wish to book.

Measuring tape is always an option when getting relevant details like the height weight and width of the parcel.

Using drop off service to save more.

Using drop off service to save more

Here’s another way to keep the prices down for your shipment. You can use the drop off service. This can let you save because since the couriers do not need to collect from you, this expense shall be removed from the price of the whole order. A lot of our customers use the traditional post office method. They drop their parcels off at the local post office. Just place the order online, print the label and you’re good to go. Again, for a much cheaper price.

Reuse and reduce when re-using the packaging materials, make sure that the labels and stickers are removed to avoid any confusion. Also make sure that the contents of your parcels are protected sufficiently.

Packaging tip

We highly recommend using boxes that are not bigger than your items. Use the correct size and make sure that you declare the correct dimensions of your parcel to avoid being charged of any additional costs. Some customers also put inaccurate details under the customs declaration but this does not help at all since this will only cause further delays with the delivery.

There are customs officers who check all the details of the parcels and also check which items is customs duty payable. If you misdeclare items, other than being delayed, it can also cost you additional fees.

What are the prices for heavy parcels?

If your parcel weighs 35k or more, you might want to consider booking under a large item specialist. No need to worry because dropbox2go has courier partners who carry these kinds of parcels.

Post offices do not accept these kinds of items considering the weight. If you book under couriers directly, they will charge you a lot so why not book with us for a cheaper price.

How much are international parcel deliveries?

Prices will be different for international deliveries considering the distance between once places to another. But we will always be able to identify these prices for you by just giving us the exact locations, the dimensions and the weight then the system will get you a loss of the available couriers you can choose from for a discounted price.

We have a courier partner who will require you to print a label, and then attach it to the parcel. Full tracking will be available.

How much savings can I make for four cheap international couriers?

Because we send bulk orders, we are given much lower rates that those at the post office that is why we can pass these low rates to our customers. Just like booking directly, we also offer protection cover and full tracking but with lower prices.

How much is 15kg parcel?

It would depend on the location where the parcel is going. Since 15kg is heavy enough, it is much of a hassle if you bring it to a post office yourself but you have nothing to worry about since we have courier partners who can collect the heavy parcels for you. Just get a quote on our online quote engine and place an order. 15 kg parcels urgent deliveries.

For time sensitive packages that weigh 15kg, we have courier partners who can help you cater heavy items that can be sent. Some items might be prohibited but we have a list you can check to make sure what you are sending what are not.

  • Gym Equipment
  • Alloy Wheels & Tires
  • Golf Clubs
  • Car Parts
  • Parasol Base Tools
  • Clothing

In sending 15kg abroad, we are not able to give you an accurate list of the pricing but you can always check for the prices online using our quote engine. Just enter all the necessary information asked and you will be given the list of services available for you to choose from.

How much can I save if my parcel is delivered by road?

Entering the exact dimensions including the weight is important because couriers charge for space in their delivery network. Note that if you send via air the charges may increase. More so, if your parcel is not urgent, you might want to consider delivery using road.

Delivery times are not extremely slow. We have courier partners who can deliver in a span of two days, while others take 3/5 working days. Parcels are sent to a central sort depot once collected before being dispatched to the designated country.

How much can I save?

This factor would depend on the dimensions of the parcel and also the distance of the delivery. You would easily find out by using our quote engine. Just simply enter the dimensions in our online quote engine to find the latest prices. And it is up to you to decide which one you think is best for you to use.

When you book under us in sending large parcels, we guarantee that you can save a lot.

Other Information About Online Couriers

Seasonal shipping dates information

What are the seasonal shipping dates?


Posting dates for Christmas season may change from time to time.

Domestic Shipments:

During this season we experience weather changes that affect the delivery which puts pressure into the couriers. This is why booking early is best to avoid any unnecessary delays which are out of control.

Same Day Couriers

We have couriers who are available 24/7 365 days of the year so if you have to send something last minute, we can help you. Although Christmas is their peak season so it’s still best to book your orders early.

International Shipments

Since Christmas is the busiest time of the year, it is highly recommended that you place your orders early.

What if I made an order to the wrong address? Is it okay to change the delivery details?

Yes, it is. There’s a quick fix to this error unless you have booked for a same day service and the parcel is scheduled to be delivered shortly. You may contact us via the contact support form or hit us up via live chat.

Send a parcel at Easter time.

Decrease your Easter shipping costs

When sending your goods or gifts, you want to make sure they arrive on time and that you don’t pay over the odds for it. The Easter bunny might be the flavor of the month, but Dropbox2go still has a key role to play for in finding the best courier service for you.

Let’s get cracking

First things first, Easter are a well-loved bank holiday. Meaning, if sending anything over this period, you need to be on the ball.

The last collection date available would be the Wednesday for a delivery the Next Day before Good Friday before the bank holiday kicks in and the couriers have a well-earned rest.

Don’t crack it, pack it well

We at DropBox2Go resell courier services, meaning we never actually handle the goods booked with us. We always advise packing the goods well to ensure they do not encounter any damage when being sent in the UK or abroad. Whether you book a drop off service or you book a courier to come and collect from you, the goods need to be well wrapped up in suitable packaging inside the box.

Spending another five minutes using bubble wrap and polystyrene to fill all the voids inside your sturdy double layered cardboard box can make all the difference.

Valentine’s Day Courier Services.

Valentine’s Day

Sending gifts and cards is mainly the reason why Valentine’s Day is considered the next busiest day next to Christmas. Like the holiday season, we at dropbox2go will help you send your loved ones the gift they truly deserve.

What items can be sent?

Some items are restricted to be sent like chocolates and flowers. We can send other stuff like cards or classic vinyl records. Make sure your gifts are sent on time by choosing a timed service or an urgent delivery by booking under our same day courier partner.

Drop Off

We have courier partners that let you drop off the parcel at a depot if you are busy and does not have the time to wait in for a collection all day.

International Shipping

No matter how far you want to send your gift, we can help you since we offer a wide range of international shipments. You can check these by getting a quote and match the service you need with your budget. Easy and Simple.

Using a courier to send presents or gifts.

Sending Gifts

Sending gifts is not a problem with Dropbox2go. We can help you find the best service for you considering the timeframe and the price that best suits your needs.

Packaging your gifts

We understand that the beautiful packaging and the ribbon on top is part of the gift but if you are sending this via a courier service, it is not recommended that the gift is sent with just the plain gift wrapper. Following our packaging guidelines is very important.

  • Use a sturdy box. You can place your gift in a box then place again in a stronger box * Use a packaging tape.
  • Make sure the gift is steady to make sure it won’t be moving inside the box
  • Use as plenty packaging tape as needed to make sure of the security of the gift. Make sure that you have checked our restricted items list before sending a gift as there are items such as food, aerosols, liquids, batteries are not allowed to send. (Please check the restricted items list for complete details)

Weight and Measure

After you have properly packed the goods, weigh the item and make sure to give the accurate measurement to the courier to avoid being declared as an incorrect weight by the courier which may cause delays in sending your parcel.


Make sure to provide us accurate measurements of the parcel as well. We would need the height, width and length of the box. You may use a tape measure to do so and make sure to give the volumetric weight.


Some couriers do not require printed labels as their drivers bring them for you. But if you are not booked under these couriers, you need to make sure that labels are printed and attached to the parcel prior to collection. This goes with customs documents as well. The progress of your package can be monitored by you online by following a link which will show on your account dashboard.

Contact information

Make sure that the phone number you will provide is active and current. This is to be sure that the couriers will be able to contact the recipient for a smooth delivery transaction.

How much does it cost to send a gift?

This will vary depending on the dimensions of the parcel, the delivery timeframe you need and the collection and delivery address. You can check the prices by getting a quote using our quote engine online.

Sending gifts in the UK

Dropbox2go offers a lot of options in sending parcels in the UK. You have the option to drop the parcel off and save the cost by of doing so by booking with us. If you prefer waiting for a collection on the other hand, we can help you with that too. For customers who have a last minute shipping to do, we can offer you a same day courier service from one of your partners. Some of these couriers even bring the labels for you so you don’t need to own a printer when you book.

Sending gifts internationally

By using our quote engine, you will be able to see and compare the prices and transit times of the services offered by just entering the parcel’s details.


To avoid any delays, please make sure to complete the necessary information needed in the customs form that you will fill out when you place an order.


Dropbox2go offers insurance depending on the value of the item you are sending for as long as it is not prohibited, you can add protection cover to your parcel upon placing the order.

How to return unwanted gifts?