Advantages of Booking a Heavy Parcel with DropBox2Go


Enjoy the Comfort

Offers you a door-to-door delivery service, from your doorstep to the receivers’.


Avoid Long Lines

You avoid the possible queues and delays you can encounter in a drop-off shop.


Timed Deliveries

Offers guaranteed next-day delivery, perfect for more urgent or time-sensitive sending.

Send a Heavy Parcel at a Cheap Price

We offer great deals when it comes to sending heavy parcels. We have courier partners who cater to large and heavy parcels from 15kg even car parts that can be as heavy as 50kg which sometimes needs to be carried using a pallet.

International Postage Rates

The best tip we can give you is to get a quote using our online postage calculator and choose from the options that are available for you since we have a long list of options if we state everything here.

Note that we cater to almost 200 destinations all over the world. Get a quote and see which service is cheap enough for you.

8 simple steps to send a heavy parcel

  1. Package your item (for help with this, see our packaging guide).
  2. Measure your final packaged item (L x W x H cm).
  3. Weigh your package (Kg).
  4. Enter the dimensions, weight and destination into our courier quote tool
  5. Book and pay for the service that best suits your needs.
  6. Print off your shipping labels and any customs documents.
  7. Secure shipping labels/customs documents to the package .
  8. You drop-off your parcel or wait for the courier to collect it.

That’s it! Sending your large parcels has never been easier or cheaper.

Frequently Asked Questions when sending a Heavy Parcel

How about stamps?
How does dropbox2go compare prices?
How can we reduce parcel goods?

We Offer World’s Best Couriers

Dropbox2Go has major accounts with the world’s largest and most trusted courier companies. We have secured huge discounts off their normal selling rates that allows us to offer you some of the lowest parcel delivery prices around.


First Time Using

I First tried using dropbox2go and I'm glad I did. It's Very efficient and convenient to use. Plus the customer service is very helpful and accommodating too. Highly recommended.

Chloe Newton

DropBox2Go is Great

On time delivery for less. Very smooth and helpful service. I shall definitely use this company again.